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Victory Hematology and  Oncology has been recognized as a Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) Certified practice by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) for meeting national standards for high-quality Cancer Care. By choosing a practice that is currently QOPI® Certified, you know that you’ve selected a practice that is committed to delivering the highest quality of cancer care. https://practice.asco.org/quality-improvement/quality-programs/qopi-certification-program/qopi-certified-practices

 Victory Hematology and Oncology is at the forefront of cancer and blood disorder treatments. We provide the best possible care with personalized plans and the most up to date treatments.

 Besides chemotherapy, new treatments including target and immunotherapy are applied to patients, which are much more tolerable and effective. Years of cancer research has led to this phenomenal result.

 We have an infusion center and pharmacy on site. We work with other specialists both locally and at renowned academic centers.

 Victory Hematology andOncology is one big family. Through hard work and dedication, our staff helps patients achieve victory in their blood disease and cancer treatment.


Nuestra passion es tu Victoria.

Victory Hematology y Oncology es el primer plano de tratamineto de cancer y sangre. Nosotros propioconamos el major cuidado con un plan personalizado para ti con la medicina mas reciente.   ademas de chemotherapia , nuevos tratamientos incluyendo inmutherapia son applicados a los patients y son mucho mas tolerable y effectivo. Anos de investigacion de cancer a llevado a este resultado fenomenal.   nosotros tenomos un centro de infusion y pharmacia en la oficina. Trabajomos con otros especialistas local y centros academicos.   victory hematology y oncology es una familia grande. Con dedication y esfuerzo , nuestros empliados ayudan a patientes lograr Victoria en sus enfermedades de la sangre y de cancer.   bienvenidos a victory hematology y oncology   Nuestra passion es tu Victoria.


Victory 胜利血液和肿瘤中心站在血液和肿瘤治疗的前沿上。我们提供因人制宜的和最新的治疗方案。

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Congratulations, Victory Hematology and Oncology, on achieving QOPI® Re-Certification!

QOPI® Certification Reviewers have found that your practice has met the requirements for QOPI® Certification. This achievement demonstrates a commitment to excellence and ongoing quality improvement in your practice.



Victory Hematology and Oncology has been recognized as a #QOPI Certified practice by #ASCO for meeting national standards for high-quality Cancer Care since 2019. Our Infusion Center Provides Common Room and Private Rooms. Our comfortable environment makes the Journey a pleasant experience



Thank you, American Society Of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)


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