Infusion Center

 Infusion Center has Common Room and Private Rooms: 

Our beautiful and comfortable Infusion Center
Infusion Center – Common Room


Chemotherapy Chair at Infusion Center


Dedicated Oncology Nurse at Infusion Center


Dedicated Oncology Nurse at  Infusion Center

We provide two private Infusion Rooms:

Private Room 1
Private Room 2
Our Infusion Center provides the following services:
  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Immunotherapy
  3. Biotherapy
  4. Non-Chemotherapy intravenous infusions including but not limited to Iron Therapy, Zometa, Reclast, Remicade, IVIG, and antibiotics, etc
  5. Subcutaneous infusion of IVIG Hizentra
  6. Injections including Vitamin B12, Procrit, Granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), Xgeva, Faslodex, Goserelin , and Lupron, etc
  7. Multivitamin (Infuvite) infusion
  8. Intravenous Hydration
  9. Therapeutic Phlebectomy
  10. Anti-coagulation monitoring
  11. Education