Our Mission

At Victory Hematology and Oncology, our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible and most updated personalized medical treatment to cure blood disease or cancer, and/or prolong life and improve quality of life. We consider many resources to personalize patients’ treatment plans and provide care for mind and body. Our convenient and comfortable environment makes the treatment journey a pleasant experience.



Our Facility:

  1. Front Desk
  2. Triage Room/Blood draw station
  3. Examination Rooms including consultation room and regular exam room
  4. Two private infusion rooms, one chemotherapy chair each room.
  5. Large infusion center with five additional chemotherapy chairs, Total seven chemotherapy chairs for the office.
  6. Physician Dispensary Pharmacy on site
  7. Compounding Pharmacy
  8. Physician Office
  9. Billing office
  10. Staff office
  11. In unit bathroom
  12. Break room
  13. Balcony with resting chairs
  14. Storage Room